what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride

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The Grim Reality
Ahnaf Niloy
The Fact that we, Bangladeshi people, mostly face after graduation is the race of employment. As being part of one of the densest country around the world, the capital, Dhaka, is the target of every graduated student. Compared to graduated and educated people the good job opportunities are quite less which creates a huge competition among the graduates. Thus, results many darker realities which we see, hear, but cannot express but to tolerate.
After a good result, every graduate targets for big companies or industries but after a few unsuccessful tries his dreams become blasted by a pin as he loses confidence over himself. Then when he finally finds a suitable job, bribery becomes a common issue. He regrets being a good student when he sees less qualified ones got job just because they got money and he doesn’t. The female graduates face another issue, their dignity and respect. They are often offered jobs by sacrificing their feminine identity and virginity. Some takes the offer, some doesn’t. After a few months, the employed ones see the same happening to another, but he or she cannot express the truth even after seeing everything through the imaginary cover. After spending a few months He finds himself either anxious, trying to get out, Or, darkness makes him one of its own. Sometimes, some raise their voice. Wants the truth to be exposed. But, money speaks more than words now a days. And to Economical power, truth is buried under lies as fake proofs speak louder than truth. As a result, the mind loses its natural condition and the mind becomes angrier and disordered. The psychological condition is what becomes, medically known as , Alexithymia. what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride

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