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Why do guys get boners when they run?

I'm just really curious because I'm in track and I don't mean to look, I swear, but when the guys race like in distance running, they get boners after awhile when more

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Luke Watkins answered 3 years ago

sometimes just the up and down motion and hitting a boy's penis gets while running may cause him to get an erection, everyone is curious.

Most likely what you saw is not erection, just what's known as "bulge".

Wearing tight running pants, even when the runner is totally flaccid, it would look clearly as a bulge through the pants for those who look - most of this bulge is not the penis at all, but the testicles.

Hope this clears things up. It turns them on.

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Hey what is runner's boner anyway?

Well, it's an erection that occurs during strenuous physical activity, specifically running. Although widely regarded as a mythical phenomenon, the release of endorphins during both exercise AND orgasm adds credibility to this "bigfoot" of penile erections. Detractors point to the common, contradictory phenomenon that is runner's penis. wedding selections with long sleeve on sale

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