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Not true. My Uncle Abraham 'Alan' Sharp was a two faced bastard, his son Rorydon 'Rory' Sharp married Anne at 34 to have his father set the failure up in a toy soldier military models business and buy them a flat at Glenwaverly for a wedding present, both pretending to be straight and pretending Anne was also 34 while her mother Sophie, after 6 strawberry daiquiris told me she was 43 and Alan shouldn't expect grandchildren from those two, at the wedding reception. 13 years later when I next saw Alan and his wife Lorna, who knew mum and my half brother were abusing me, I found out then, found they had two German Shepherds. simple style wedding outfits for plus size ladies

A week later when Lorna called me and said I was right about being family when they said I was a stranger, after I had only seen them because my mother had died, I told her no, Alan was right, we are strangers and we should keep it that way. I'd rather remember them as they were when I spent 6 weeks with them when I was four and they were nice.

Their daughter Linda married a 30 year old puffy pasty faced rich lawyer at 18. 7 years later when they were barely talking she had their first child, with the olive skinned looks of Marvin's brother Phillip. They quickly had another within 18 months who looked like her side of the family and like me as a child except with brown eyes.

I've never spoken to them since the boys were about 5 and 3.

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