silver colored items to wear of the evening

TOP 10 reasons why you should scoop up one or Maybe even 2 of our “South Beach Tanks” launching today at 1pm... silver colored items to wear of the evening

10. It’s made by Silver Icing’s Pepper and Zoe line, right here in Canada!
9. It’s only $25!
8. The five colour options are bright and amazing!
7. They all pair perfectly with so many items!
6. It can be worn tucked or untucked!
5. It’s easy to dress up, wear casual, wear throughout the seasons!
4. No special bra required to wear it!
3. Has a forgiving texture - a crepe fabric with a cute seam detail down the back
2. Get entered into the July mystery hostess draw to win a shopping spree for $100 and 2 half priced items.
1. Did I mention it’s only $25!!!!!!

Add to my group order going in at 1pm!

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