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We had the Crites Family Reunion over the weekend of July 28th thru the 30th. We only had 75 folks, some 80+ were unable to attend. I have to say. This was one of the best we've had in years. I only wish those that couldn't make it, whether they are on Earth or in Heaven, could have been there. This year, thanks to Cousin Emily, we had matching tees that sported a saying of Cousin Michael Crites.
We are a large, loud, loving and happy bunch. We love BIG strong belly laughs!
Our Reunion Weekends, held ever other year, go from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.
On Firday, 28th, everyone came in and met at our home....should have said, Rick's Shop! We laughed, danced, reminisced and laughed some more.
Saturday, we all came together starting about 1:00. Allen, Becky and family fried chicken and homemade potato chips. J.P. smoked a ham and Rick and Bubby (Dwayne) grilled burgers, brats and hot dogs. We had food, a lot of food. We were blessed to have Ashley with Lauren Ashley shoot pics for several hours, ate, then enjoyed a hellva live band, Us Instead. They were phenomenal. Many neighbors heard the music and came out of their homes, behind us. We had the lead singer announce over the sound system, for neighbors to join us...and they did!!! Debbie and Dennis McMillan heard the music at their house, about four blocks away, and they joined us! The band was amazing and involved many of the younger kids to play instruments and sing. Jude wouldn't leave the stage! About 9:30, we lit and lifted 24 lanterns in remeberance of those in Heaven. I'm telling you, that was one sight to be seen and very, very emotional. short evening dresses
Sunday morning, we attended St. Joseph Catholic Church as a family. Then back to our house to partake in the delicious food of my dear friend, Karen Seyer. Chicken N' Dumplins, Chicken N' Dressing, Ham, Corn, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Slaw, Rolls and what little of Al's Fried Chicken that was left from Saturday.
It was sad when they all started to leave around 1:30. However, as I said, it was one of the best in years. PLUS, God answered my prayers for beautiful weather. Saturday night, as folks sat all around our backyard, many had sweatshirts, jackets and blankets!
A couple of my most cherished moments were seeing the faces of my Mom and her two brothers, as they were handed their Mom's Bible. The Bible had been misplaced for several years. It was very touching and many had "moist" eyes. Another cherished memory was watching my Grands playing/hanging out with my cousins' Grands...laughing and playing as we did years ago. And, then there was the moment I saw my cousin Kenny's face peek through my backdoor on Friday afternoon. I haven't seen him in 10 years. Can't explain that moment. The weekend was nothing short of magical.
We love God. We are loud. We like our beer and some good food. We love to dance and sing. And, oh, how grateful we are to still continue these Reunions, long after Grandma and Grandpa Crites made their way to Heaven.
My Son, J.P., said it the best on a post of cousin, Emily.

"Emily, just look at the rest of the world and compare it to this weekend. There was more love here than most people will ever know. I had more fun than any other time in the past decade. My shirt is going on the wall in a frame. This family is just BEAUTIFUL".

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