red flower girl dresses

The Discovery!
Two sisters slipped, from their beds, on a night's investigation,
And came upon a sweet surprise, of magical creation!
On flower's petals, sleeping, with clothes, draped, 'cross helpful leaves, red flower girl dresses
Uncovered, by warm lantern's light, was an in-the-buff, fairy!
Her hair was bright, in lantern's glow, red, as one sister's own!
They tried hard, not to wake her, for fear, she might have flown,
For, on her little back, they saw, a delicate pair, of wings,
Proclaiming mastery, o'er the skies, the wee, enchanting being!
A moth was drawn, to lantern light, and passing fairy, there,
His wings brushed 'cross her little face, and suddenly, aware,
She sat right up, and looked around, and saw the two, who stood,
But, very quickly, they assured, they wished her, only, good!
Her cheeks grew a bit rosy, to be caught, there, so unclothed,
And quickly, grabbed her tiny duds, while her sweet, pink cheeks glowed!
The two young ladies turned away, to privacy, supply,
Much fearing, when fae was well-dressed, far and away, she'd fly!
But, when they turned back, there she was, at height, to stare them down,
Courageous, and vociferous, and wearing, quite a frown!
The two young girls apologized, for her embarrassment,
Remembering well, their manners, till fairy grew content!
And, as she was as curious, about the world, they knew,
As they were, 'bout the world of Fae, o'er hours, a friendship grew!
So, often, those young girls would slip, from bed, to rendezvous,
With that now, friendly fairy! I would, too, wouldn't you?!
Donna L. Ferguson Dudley, copyright 2017 4/10/17
Federation Fairies Margaret Clark painting

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