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Massage Therapy and Energy Work!

You may have heard of reflexology massage, a type of massage therapy and energy work concentrating attention to the hands and feet in an effort to stimulate healing properties throughout the body. Face reflexology is similar to the more widespread practice of foot and hand reflexology, only face reflexology uses Andrean body maps to locate stimulation points on the face that are correlated with specific organs or organ systems. modest prom wears for lds and mormon
Like traditional reflexology, this practice involves the stimulation of these points on the face as a method of stimulating self-healing responses in other parts of the body. Face reflexology goes beyond this simple massage technique.

Face reflexology is comprised of the combination of three unique practices: acupressure, the Chinese theory of energy meridians and the ancient practice of Andrean body mapping.

Every treatment involves a soothing cleansing of the face using aroma water followed by a gentle massage (using fingertips) of facial acupressure points.
The 12 energy meridian points are then stimulated through a different kind of massage. The session ends with a massage tailored to the results of body mapping and a health assessment, focusing on the areas of your face which will trigger a healing response in the parts of your body that need the most attention.
Most sessions last 50 to 60 minutes.

Face reflexology can be used to treat specific ailments, but it is mostly used as a general healthcare practice.
The massage techniques used will improve circulation, encourage drainage of the lymph nodes and make your complexion brighter and clearer. You should feel relaxed, yet invigorated at the end of your reflexology session.

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