mature style guest apparels used for wedding party

My shake making skills are a little different these days...... ????

I have my superfood shake every morning for breakfast but I've been adding two new i ingredients to the blend!

???? Ground flax seed


???? Brewers yeast

These two ingredients help with breast milk production! # woohoo

When feeding a growing baby girl all day I can use all the help I can get! ????

I do notice a difference for sure because on the days I may skip adding these because believe it or not I may not have the extra second ???? she is eats alot more often and just doesn't seem as satisfied!

Besides this huge benefit for the boob milk ???? these ingredients have other benefits as well!

Brewer's yeast is also known for it's immune boosting properties! Yes this is what iz used in the production of beer! Just minus the hops and alcohol! mature style guest apparels used for wedding party ????

Flaxseed has a huge amount of omega 3's in it which is healthy for the heart and a ton of fiber which alot of us don't get enough of!

So there you have it!

Nursing momma's......have you tried this???

Did you think it helped??? ????

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