marine corps ball dresses

Okay Ladies, those of you who are still wearing the older version of our Dress Blues have changed to the male version of our uniform. I also always wear my Sam Browne Belt, which I think it makes it look even more sharp. I know Officers are authorized to wear it, but not sure about enlisted. I would encourage all of those who still like to participate in Veterans events, as well as Marine Corps ceremonies, funerals, wakes, weddings, etc and most of all our Marine Corps Ball to look into calling the Marine Corps Association in Quantico, VA and get the newer uniform. It was so easy, they sent me a form, and I went to my local tailor, and they also do our Medals, according to our DD214, so I say our Platoon 4029 and Series 4028 to get on board. I have to say, they did an outstanding job by just going by the measurements on the form from my local tailor (although I suggest going to a uniform shop for Law Enforcement, bc they know exactly what they are doing. I go to Somes Uniform Store in Hackensack, NJ. They are terrific. My uniform came in a month, plus they also do our Medals. Don't forget to get the new cover as well!!! Just a thought for my fellow Sisters!!!! Semper Fi!!! marine corps ball dresses

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