long wedding outfits with court/chapel trains

Anyone who wanted yokkao tickets for October from me pick them up from Adam Haslam from my gym instead, he has stepped in to smash the fight up that I was doing. I'll be taking some time out of competing ( ?? ) until some time next year. The shifts I'm working at the minute interrupt my training so much, never had no issue with my fitness because I was running at daft times in the morning / night but definitely was missing out on sparring & clinch because I was doing a lot of t ... raining on my own. Last 3 fights since I've been in this job I've felt poor even the ones I've won. More importantly I've got a lot of personal stuff going on that I've been struggling with for a long time. It's never been an excuse and I still won't let it be but I need to over come things before adding the pressure of fighting to myself. I convinced myself for a very long time fighting was the distraction I needed but at times I think it was adding to the stuff going on in my head. I'm still only 21 years old I've done a lot of things already but still nowhere near finished but I think taking a break will do me the world of good instead of keep trying to fight throughout this period of my life and only feeling 60-70% in a sport that you can't afford to be anything less than 100. I WILL come back better from this but I need to take things one at a time, get my head sorted, a job with normal hours then il be back in there better than ever. I'm still going to train so #1 I don't get fat as fuck & cos I'm totally obsessed and #2 because I want to pick back up where I left off testing myself against the best and know I can make improvements in the gym without fighting and adding the stress of fight training, dieting, running, selling tickets etc to my head which feels like it's going to explode 90% of the time as it is long wedding outfits with court/chapel trains ???? yokkao is still going to be a good show I'm sure everybody is gutted I'm not on it no more ???? but get behind Adam and everybody else on there message him for tickets ???????? I'm going to sulk for a very long time and probably be even moodier than usual for a while because I love fighting so much but a break at my age shouldn't do me any harm (that's what everyone tells me anyway ???? )

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