long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses

Ever dreamed of opening up your own wedding and prom dress shop? This really is the dream job, finding brides to be their perfect dresses and having fun matching with sparkling shoes, tiaras and veils! Also, in the last few years, prom has hit the UK market with a thud and all girls are now desperate to find the best dresses! This really is big business and you can make money fast as well as having the biggest dressing up closet in the world!

I set up my bridal boutique over ... 5 years ago and can hand on heart say that it was the most magical and fun job in the world! It really is how you imagine, plus you can be incredibly creative and have so much fun! So why am I selling the business? Unfortunately, we've had a close family member become very ill and I just can't devote the time I need to keep it afloat plus its really not fair on my customers and they are the best type of customers in the world! My niche was backless dresses and I always chose dresses with that something extra...no cheap, badly made dresses here!

So I am offering a few packages:

1) You buy everything- 150+ wedding and prom/evening dresses (designers such as Haute Couture Riki Dalal, Kitty Chen, Art Couture, Alice Paris) - designer, all in nearly perfect if not perfect condition. Designer shoes (approx 20 pairs), Designer bridal jewellery, Designer tiaras and hair pieces, Veils (designer and numerous), window display items, mannequins x 12 (you need lots for displays plus wedding fairs), Casio Electric Till boxed, Antique Large Dressing Mirror (Huge, brides love it!), Floor length luxury curtains x 4 with poles to make changing rooms (I'll explain when we talk), Brand new Display Cabinet from NEXT, glass fairy light display cabinet, full sets of nearly new kitchen items, mismatched antique tea set, display rails heavy duty, Next curtain poles and curtains and so so much more. I will sign over my Facebook business page and you can change to your own business name (8000+ followers) and most importantly I can give you valuable contacts and advice for the industry. long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses

2)You buy just the dresses.

3) You buy dresses, shoes and accessories.

Most people don't realise that dresses take months to make so even if you find a premises, you might struggle to have dresses on the rails for some time so this will give you a really amazing head start as the dresses really are something special and more to the point, you can make super high returns on dresses as you can easily sell them for x 2.5 of the wholesale price.

For more information, please message me :-)

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