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Reasons for C-section

C-section is not caused by witches and wizards,the reasons are purely medical....don't be deceived.

Planned C-section(Reasons)

The baby is in breech(feet or bottom) or transverse(sideways) position in the womb

The mother has problems with the placenta(e.g placenta previa),the placenta sit too low covering the cervix....thereby blocking passage way for the baby

The mother has a medical condition that could make vagina delivery risky for her and the baby e.g HIV or eclampsia(Blood pressure is high and protein is in urine)

Multiple pregnancy...... Two or more babies

The mother previously had surgery on the uterus e.g myomectomy(fibroid removal) or an earlier C-section......although such women can still have a safe vaginal delivery items to wear in prom for girls that like cinderella

Unplanned C-section(Reasons)

Labour stops or isn't progressive and medicine aren't helping.

The placenta separates from the uterine wall too nothing to supply baby of nutrients again

The baby is in distress,changes in baby heart rate which may mean baby is not getting enough oxygen

Big baby.....head or body too big too pass through birth canal.

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