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A MoM asks:
I'm a first time mom of boy girl twins 6.5 weeks old. I am feeding on demand now and have been since the beginning. I want the babies to transition to a schedule of feeding and sleeping. I just have no idea HOW. I read your recent post about this topic. I've read the book too. But in practice how does it work. I can say ok, 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, etc. But one of the babies is often hungry before the 3 hours is up. And so Staying flexible within the schedule I feed tha ... t baby, and also the other to keep them in sync. But they eat very different amounts (one is a big eater, one very light) so the next feeding again they are not eating at 3 hours. They don't finish a meal in one go either they spend a while lingering on the breast or bottle. So the feed times are all out of sync then too (while one finishes the other still has 30 mins more). Plus I have a hard time telling my mothers helper to keep to the schedule. My husband as well. He just likes to do whatever he wants. But I sleep 4 hours a day while he watches the babies and so no matter what schedule I've enforced during the day, it becomes out of whack in the evening. garments which is affordable in 50 of the prom
I'm wondering if my babies are too young for a schedule? And if I should aim to try again at 3 months when their feeding may not be so erratic.
I also haven't been able to tandem feed very well. The babies are small and they don't latch on well enough to do this. I need another person to tandem feed which isn't practical for me. I generally feed one right after the other or I feed one on the breast and one on the bottle at the same time (because I'm a twin mom and apparently I have 4 arms!! ... no but seriously it's hard and exhausting).

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