extra sized items to wear of the prom that is not expensive

1. "IT’S ONLY FOR THE 70’S ROMANS" -- Nope! It’s for all decades, all classes. The event is proudly sponsored by the 70’s Romans

2. "I NEED TO GO AND RENT A TUX OR WEAR A FANCY FORMAL GOWN" – Not even!! Formal, Semi-Formal, or Prom Throwback in a Blue & White color scheme is requested! Just come dressy, no jeans or sneakers.

3. "I CAN PAY AT THE DOOR AND DEFINITELY GET IN" --- Nah uh!! As we have posted in multiple places, we do reserve the right to ditch the last minute registrations altogether. The caterer is leaning on us hard to have a final count a week in advance (by August 15th) and any registrations after that date may be required to arrive after the meal is served (after 9 pm.)

4. "THERE WILL BE LOTS OF T-SHIRTS AND OTHER MERCHANDISE FOR SALE, SO I’LL JUST WAIT AND PICK SOMETHING UP ONSITE" – Don’t bet on it!! We don’t want to get left with lots of excess inventory after this event, so we will be very conservative with ordering extra merchandise. Pre-ordering is the ONLY way to ensure your correct size & item.

5. "NOBODY FROM MY CLASS WILL BE THERE" --- Well, right now we have people registered as far back as class of 1953 through the millennium, so chances are pretty good you will run into someone you know!

6. "THE BLUE & WHITE BALL IS THE ONLY EVENT FOR THE WEEKEND." – Are you kidding? Have you checked the schedule?! Get some rest! It’s gonna be off the chain, starting with a BOWLING EVENT on Friday night (TBA) and a fabulous picnic and concert on Sunday.

7. "THIS IS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE!" For the Ball event ticket price you have – an elegant venue, a full meal, late night hors d'oeuvres, a program, a live ALUMNI band, a DJ, an opportunity to hang with your class, adjoining classes, and even your TEACHERS! $70 bucks for a historic trip down memory lane can’t be beat!! All other weekend activities (except for bowling on your own) are free!! We are getting older folks, treat yourself this once, you won’t regret it!! extra sized items to wear of the prom that is not expensive

8. "I'LL ROLL UP THERE 'BOUT 10:30, HAVE MY MEAL, AND GET MY GROOVE ON". Um, No. The wait staff will be long gone. Dinner service is 7 to 9. (no adjustments will be made)

9. "I CAN CALL UP THE VENUE--- HERITAGE BALLROOM AND THEY WILL SELL ME SOME TICKETS" – Just STOP IT! They can’t do a thang! You must: 1) Click on the word “files” above and download and print the file named “BWPaperRegistration” OR 2) visit www.70sRomans.com for ALL of the details, mail and online registration!!! And 3) If you don’t wanna do either of those things, WE GOT A HOTLINE NUMBER FOR YA!! CALL (323) 677-2434 AND SOMEONE WILL HELP YOU GET REGISTERED!!

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