cute graduation dresses

Good morning beautiful friends.Guess what?Its His birthday.No other for today than this Great ICON.My pastor,My mentor,He is a lectuer,an author and an actor.P.Dan, Thanks for making me a great music minister.Ur hard traing really did me good,those nagging changed alot.Guys this cute papa can scold alot.Dress so cute nd lovely nd come to church without writing pen nd jotter,ur new name is sorry that day,hahahaha!waiting concern me?i may only laugh alot hearn what he wil tell u.PP may ur days be long....Remerber u prayed in ur congregation during our graduation day that i will sing nd dance aboard,P.Sir,that has nt happened oo!My good people,d queen(wife)of this ICON is a caring bae lady.She is smart,humble nd fun to be with,May God bless u mama Ejima.Happy wombescape P.Dan.LLP is ur inheritance,On this ur special day,God must surely light up ur life like a thousand suns.Much money in ur account,lots of Joy is wish,Age gracefully Smart P.Let me go get ready,Cos it promises to be great today @......My lovely friends,pls wish him a happy birthday. cute graduation dresses

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