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Thick White Discharge
Today i will look at the commond body discharge and what it means.
Virginal discharge is a fluid that exists from the virginal openings.A small amount of vaginal discharge is a relection of body's normal cleaning process. ...
Leucorrhea is the term for the thin,milky white and mild smelling vaginal discharge that women experience throughout pregnance.
In a event that the discharge has changed,eg abnormal odour or colour or increase in amount,this signal to an infection and you are advised to see the Doctor immediately.
Do not ignore any abnormal discharge from your body.
Creamy white milky discharge is a sign of pregnancy.It is usually odourless or mould in colour.
When you start experiencing thick creamy white discharge,it means that,your viginal is working OVERTIME to create more discharge to keep the cervix HEALTHY ,Moist and Sealed.
Clupy discharge that look like cottage cheese,is a sign of an infection as well.
To all women who MAY not know the information above and are somehow not free to learn more from medical experts,you are advised to do the following:
-wear a pad or panty liner to help soak up the excess moisture.
-keep genital areas(vulva) extra clean and dry.
-do NOT use Tampons,they introduce new germs to the vigina.Douching can lead to viginal infections.(then are tampons on sale kashi? )
-Do not use scented wipers perfumed bubble bath or vaginal deodorants.
The Health experts are waiting for you ladies to visit them and learn more about yourself for a health nation and disease free nation in future.It all goes to us all to raise and shine. cream styled pieces to wear for maid of the brides
Make the Doctor your friend for because they are trained to look after you.
I wish all medical staff all the best in whatever field you are specialised.
Until then,bye

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