country rustic collections for wedding made of lace

This is what came through the amazing Neelam Nanwani ~ who did the goddess archetype activation, reading and process for her own expansion and next level upgrade.
It was many moons back and i am just grinning ear to ear because the extent of depth that these kinds of works bring in to your being is limitless.
And it will always continue to grow with you if you allow it to ~*~

"Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi you have shown me how certain parts being rebuked by the world are actually my strengths not weaknesses. My journey into self love has so much deepened and my understanding of myself has gone leaps and bounds deeper. The goddess archetypal report and works was a key turning point in the journey. Love you loads <3
I have beem labelled all my life as being masculine and non feminine. The goddess archetypal report made me realise that the energy is that of a warrior goddess. Many goddess archetypes that were reflected with each aspect embodied the warrior aspect. That was a great turning point in my life in understanding the energy that I emit and embidy. It gave me a perspective of honoring rhat warrior spirit which until now had only been condemned and labeled. It was a huge shift and awakening in understanding what I am and why I am so and in how I can channel this energy better." country rustic collections for wedding made of lace

And currently i am having the inner core goddess archetype activation, reading, energy clearings and support work for up to ten-12 days from the initial work at a special steal it offer
It has been opened through the new moon directions and will be n only till tuesday.
Places have already been claimed today and if you sign up now i will be able to bring this to you later in the week or early august
The original value is 350 usd and the current steal it price till tuesday midnight is 99 usd
You can still take it up later but i wont be offering it at this steal it level offer very real soon.
Who is it for ~
You wannt to be more connected to your powers, authentic truth and voice
You want to clear any gunk, trauma or older baggage imprint from your divine feminine paradigms, past fears or limitations
You want to be present rising in your authentic and grounded powers
You want to embody the fullness of your core goddess archetypes and missions, heal wounds from those imprints and deepen your self love
You are here to fully rise up with the authenticity of your gifts, no excuses, no bs and yet stay very very grounded in the fullness of the uniqueness of the authentic goddess self that you are ~*~
And the best thing about the work is that it shall keep growing at leaps and bounds, many levels forward more.
For this steal it new moon special offer just claim it with a pm
And of course if you are called later, you can totally let me know just it wont be in the offer level. ;) ~*~
Cant wait to support more of you in the next expansion of the goddess dimensions of the fullness of your being ~*~

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