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# SomethingAboutThatNight
# Part28

Sincere tried to kick in Myah's door but it wouldn't budge and Memoriee called the police so they can notify the fire department .


" oh my god babe please help her please don't let her die in there"
"I'm trying to help her give me that rock over there so I can bust the window open"

As soon as Sincere busted the window open the ambulance and firetruck were pulling up.

"do you guys know if there's anyone inside" asked a fireman.
" I think my sister is in there this is her house" Memoriee said ". Why does it even matter just hurry up and put the fire out" she snapped.

Two of the fireman knocked the door down while another fireman got his equipment and battled the flames. About two minutes later they came out of the house with Myah in Arms. She was unconscious so the paramedics hooked her up on oxygen.

" is she ok ?" Memoriee asked.
" from the looks of it she inhaled to much smoke , possibly even carbon monoxide which is what knocked her out but it wasn't enough to kill her. We'll take her down to the hospital and get her situated then the doctor should be able to give you more information there" the paramedic responded.

A fireman walked over to Sincere

" sir this is you guys sister ?"
" yes ..... she's my sister in law "
" does she have a drug history?"
" not that I know of , why do you ask?" Sincere asked worried.
" well uhm sir , I'm not saying for certain but we found a couple of prescription drugs next to her bed. A lot of the pills are missing and it really doesn't make sense as to why when these were prescribed just last week and the name are scratched out on the other bottles" the fireman said.
" what prescriptions?" Sincere asked

The fireman handed the bottle over and sincere went and showed them to Memoriee.

" babe I told you she looked bad that day she came up to the hospital, look ...... they found these in the house...... Vicodin , norcos,xanax and tramadol "
" I hope she didn't take all of those pills , c'mon we need to get to the hospital.... call kevin and tell him what's going on...... but let him know he can stay out there with the kids until we figure out what's going on"
" alright c'mon "

They made their way down to the hospital.

" it seems that Myah fell unconscious due to too many narcotics in her system. We had to flush her stomach so now she's doing better but she's sleep at the moment..... do you guys know how long Myah has been abusing drugs?...... she need to seek professional health. She could have lost her life " the doctor said. cocktail formal outfits with long sleeves
" you know I can't really say , I do know that she has an addictive personality and she's good at hiding things. Her drug use probably increased after she lost her son a minute ago "
" I'm going to refer her to a therapist " the doctor told Memoriee.
" thank you I'd appreciate that"

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