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October 2019 Wedding Party Announcement!
Maid of Honor- Anissah Sanchez
Bridesmaid- Paula Negron-DelRio
Bridesmaid- Cecilia Negron
Bridesmaid- Alexa Cora-Anne Burkholder
Bridesmaid- Briana Allen
Bridesmaid- Arianna Negron
Junior Bridesmaid- Emma McCulloch

This is totally an optional thing. You do not have to be in the party if you do not wish to. You are very much invited either way! I thought this would be easier since I don't have your numbers and you can all see it at once. Please PM me when you can with your number or if you have any questions or concerns. I'm going to make this as easy and cheap as possible. Dresses will be around $50 at the most. I will handle jewelry and help with travel if needed. cheap bridesmaid dresses

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