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Loki ate a HUGE piece of plastic from the garbage last night :(
I never seem to get a chance with him, which is why I always say that owning a fox is a huge responsibility that not everyone is cut out for. As careful as I am watching over him and not letting him out of my sight for a minute stuff like this still happens which I let him out of my sight for 30 seconds.
I had grilled him some steak to go with his raw chicken and I was about to prepare it but I had to go pee, I w ... as not going to use Loki's litter (should have lol) so I went to the spare bathroom where I could still see him. Loki was sitting on the top of his fox tree and when he saw me go to the bathroom he ran down. I finished as fast as I could and as I come around the corner he is chewing on something, I saw the plastic in his mouth and tried getting out of his mouth... BAD IDEA!!! I now have a small hole in my finger from trying to get it... well he swallowed it.
Loki went to the garbage can and opened it himself and took the plastic. It is the piece that come under the steak which is plastic and cloth like to absorb the juices, it is about 4 - 5 inches X 3 inches. I gave him some pepto-bismol and about 6 slices of bread to try to coat the plastic. At the end he would not eat anymore bread and started hiding it around the house. Now I have to go through poop for the next 3 days till I find the plastic and hopefully he does not start throwing up or having any symptoms of a blockage. blush items to wear for the maid of the brides
He is eating OK this morning and off his diet till I find the plastic, bread and kibble. He is drinking water and has not thrown up which is good.
Will keep everyone posted on his condition....
I love my FOX!!!

I will not be doing any birthday pictures and I am currently running 5 days late. If everything goes OK please send me a chat and I will make you a birthday picture if I missed you. this is the first time I will not be catching up. I have not missed a day of making birthday pictures in almost 2 years

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