Online wedding collections shipped from China

Planning to start up a business, KEAR TRADING AGENCY is here to help you become successful entrepreneur. Get your goods ( furniture, hair, phones,etc)at wholesale price from China and have them delivered within two weeks. We also offer container goods services( furniture, rims, tires, etc) shipped at very low prices( 6 weeks). For more details read through the document below. You can also call/WhatsApp 0977392008/ ‭097 2532042‬ or visit our offices in thorn park construction training center, 1010 just below the Zesco fly over-bridge.

KEAR Trading Agency August 25, 2017



Kear trading agency is a registered business agency company founded on 21st July 2016.Kear trading agency was formerly known as HQ Express at the time it started its operation. As the company grew, the name was later changed to Kear trading Agency on 23 rd August 2017.Kear trading agency is a reliable and professional agency in Zambia assisting in out sourcing goods from china such as phones, gadgets, hair, handbags, shoes, games, clothes, jewelry, laptop, computers, accessories, household furniture, tiles, engineering tools, spare parts, wedding items, gym equipment and many other things you may want from china. We also outsource goods from other countries such as Tanzania, Namibia and south Africa etc. Online wedding collections shipped from China

We also help with transportation of goods from china to Zambia, container arrangements, air cargo transportation Etc. Our services also go as far as purchasing, clearing and collection of motor vehicle bought from japan and also heavy equipment machines and spare parts from china.

We as kear only stock few goods that are readily available for sale. Our normal working policy is goods upon order.

Why use kear trading agency?

* We have connections with multiple reliable and good quality factories in china .
* Delivery upon expected time of arrival as agreed on quotation.
* Professional & good custom service, can arrange for meeting at any place of your choice in case you are unable to make it to our office.
* 100% guaranteed and trust worthy.

Procedures of making an order for retail.

1.Send us a picture/link of product that you want.
2.We discuss and negotiate
3.You pay a commitment fee (40% – 50%) of the actual total price of goods .
4.You will keep in touch and notify you estimated day of arrival once order is processed.
5.Once goods are in, will contact you to come collect goods either at our office or we can make arrangements and meet up. If you are out of town, we can send goods to you via Ems, mazhandu bus services or power tools (please note transportation costs of sending goods outside Lusaka are to be paired by client).

P.S : same conditions apply for sea or container goods .

Procedures of making an order for wholesaler.
(Applicable to clients buying in bulk)
Procedures of making an order for wholesaler.

(Applicable to clients buying in bulk)

1.Send us a picture/link of products that you want.

2.We discuss and give you actual price of goods in kwacha.

3.Deposit total amount needed to purchase goods + Total estimated shipping fee.

4.Once goods are purchased we shall communicate and keep you updated once the goods reach our warehouse in China and we know the exact shipping fee if less or more than estimated.

5.When goods arrive Zambia , Client is to pay Agency fee charge according to the total amount spent on goods.
(Total cost spent on purchasing of goods + Total shipping fee = TOTAL AMOUNT )


1.Shipping fee is $10 per/kg + customs fee depending on how big package is – Delivery period 8-14 days. This is the fastest method.

PS: this is shipping method is not applicable to goods with battery, electronics, magnetic , liquids, etc.

2.shipping fee is $12 per/kg customs inclusive. Delivery period 14- 24 days. This method is applicable to most kinds of goods phones, laptops,electronics etc.


* Sea cargo fee is 300 USD/CMB duty inclusive up to Lusaka. Delivery period 2 months from day of departure.

If you reside outside Lusaka, goods can can sent to you or you can come collect at our offices. Transportation of goods outside Lusaka is to be paid by client .

Phone : 0972532042
Whatsapp : 0972532042
Email : [email protected]

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