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Are you tired of the unequal fight with dark circles under your eyes? Remember that it would be far better to remove the problem than to cover it. Get rid of the concealer and read - we prepared some tips for you!

Orange - cotton pads soaked in freshly squeezed juice act on the skin under the eyes like a brightening mask. Apply them for 15 minutes, taking care that the juice does not get into your eyes.

Ginger - thin slices applied under the eyes for a quarter of an hour will ... stimulate microcirculation, combating edema in the form of hated under-eye bags.

Tomato - moisten cotton pads in the tomato passata and hold for 15 minutes to get rid of the uneven color of the lower eyelid skin.

Cucumber - put on the closed eyelids thick slices of chilled cucumber for several minutes and relax to get fresh, full of glare look without a shade of swelling.

Would you like to naturally nurture delicate skin around the eyes every day? Reach for Purlés organic Age Control Cream! The cocktail of selected plants and active ingredients effectively strengthens the protective functions of the skin around the eyes, remodels the contour and removes the signs of fatigue. Our little miracle maker has also EcoCert certification. DressAfford grandmother of the groom dresses <3

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