DressAfford garments colored with pink for the wedding

You know what's not best for the kids? Let me tell you. It starts off with a short piece of shit that has a trucker gut and breath that sneaks of stale camels and mt dew breath that really thinks she's the shit. And here's where it all starts. This is where the train wreck of a family starts. Well it starts off ( now follow me) her mom and and there best friends at the time were having an affair with each other. Yes you got it the mother with the dads friend and the dad with the moms friend. lol I know right that's just the beging well they swapped partners. I mean great family values right? lol. And remember these people think there so much better then me. Lol. Well my exes sisters can't stand there parents because according to the retard sisters the one thinks she raised the other two girls but get this one of them is her twin sister lol so how did she raise her sister that's the same age lol I mean this is what we're dealing with people. So back to the parents. So they treated there dad so horrible the poor guy works his butt off. His wife is oh boy something else. The girls can't stand her and all her illnesses and herbal treatments that never work. The three girls have always said there step mom loves her filthy animals more then her pretend grandkids ( I mean god did do us a favor and refused to let that train wreck breed thank god). Anytime you talk about something the kids did we all got to hear what her dog did. Wow lol. Now mind you non of this is made up. There house is so gross when they want to have my kids come over they have to sleep in tents. They don't do it because it's fun they do it because they are disgusting people. But these are the people that want to keep my kids away from me for no reason. So back to the parents. See my ex wants to accuse me of doing drugs and drinking but her dad is an alcoholic and step mom is a pill popper. Apparently that's ok though. Now I get parents want to protect there children and support them but in this lovely family if the my exes parents want to see there grandkids they can't disagree with the retarded 3 or they'll keep the kids from them. I mean the one that claims she raised them (lol I know right still funny as shit) keeps her kids from everyone but her two troll sisters. It's really a disturbing family and these are the people that want to set family values to my kids. I'm sorry when you allow your 17 yro daughter to run around and do whatever she wants that's not good parenting. My ex would have never graduated probably if it wasn't for staying at my house because we made sure she got up on time every day. She didn't have any parental guidance. Her mom kicked her out because her step dad tried to get her high on coke. So she got kicked out and didn't talk to her mom for years tell I talked her into reaching out to her mom since she was pregnant and I wanted a family. Oh her dad and step mom could careless what she did. So these are the people that want to say I shouldn't be part of my kids lives why? I'm way more of a parent then theyll ever be and they know it. It's ok you want to make up lies about me that's ok because I don't have to make up lies about you guys. I'll I gotta do is just tell your story and trust me this is the beginning. It's all coming out. I have nothing but great things to say about my exes dad he's one of the hardest workers I know and treated like shit by his wife and daughters. My exes step mom is probably the last person to ever speak about parenting. Look go raise your stupid goat or whatever animal but leave the parenting to the people that can have kids. Beat it. Your not wanted stupid. Your mocked by your own family but for the time being theyll accept you because either one you pushed your way in or they need something from you. Well stay tuned to the next little story I got to tell DressAfford garments colored with pink for the wedding

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