DressAfford beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Don't freak out if you find a few dark hairs around your nipples (or more than a few!). Use tweezers to pluck it or you can cut it with a pair of nail scissors. Make a syrup of figs!... Apply the Hair. After positioning the hair, get your straighteners out your draw {nipple hairs could be a bit wirey}, begin by applying hair bonding glue to individual tracks with a paintbrush and placing them on the wig cap. Keep a bag full back incase you fancy a gule sniffing sesh!, Take care and make sure that none of the evostik cloggs ya nose up {whitey}. It is most helpful to apply the hair in layers beginning at the base and ending at the top of the head and ya bit fringe, DressAfford beige or ivory color wears for a wedding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5K5yaeRehc

HOW TO MAKE A HAIR TOUPEE USING DUBY 27 PIECE | Gabi Hey Everyone my name is Gabriele bringing you beauty fashion and lifestyle Please feel free to comment your thoughts below as i would really love to hear fro...youtube.com
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